Wii releases for the week of February 18th

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Wii releases for the week of February 18th
It looks like Balloon Pop got pushed back a week, meaning that it did not release last week, but is hitting retail shelves this week. We're sure that's not the game you are all dying to play, however. No, we look at this list of releases and know only one experience can satisfy your lust for a worthwhile gaming experience: Pimp My Ride. That's right, if you've got the disease, then Xzibit and his car-modifying friends are the doctors, ready to force a bottle of antibiotics down the throat of your craptastic car.

Oh, and some Square Enix game is coming out, too. Apparently, it's like some kind of spin-off from one of their huge franchises or something.
  • Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
  • Pimp My Ride
  • Balloon Pop
  • MX vs. ATV Untamed
  • Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection
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