Alienware takes the Area-51 m15x lappy to Penryn town

The mothership has already started slapping Penryn chips in lappies, so it was only a matter of time before Alienware followed suit -- yep, here's the Area-51 m15x laptop, now with your choice of T- and X-series Core 2 Duo processors. Stick with the standard 2.5GHz T9300, upgrade to a 2.6GHz T9500 for $275, or throw caution (and $650) to the wind with the 2.8GHz X9000 Core 2 Extreme option. No word on whether that edge lighting is actually enabled on these bad boys, but hey -- you've still got those Penryn bragging rights, yeah?

Alienware just told us that, as of February 8, all m15x laptops have the sidelights enabled -- rock on.

[Thanks, Alienwarez]