Dojo update: The bird flies again

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|02.20.08

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Chris Greenhough
February 20th, 2008
Dojo update: The bird flies again

For the past fortnight, we've been positioning all dojo updates and spoilers past the post break, so if you've been avoiding anything that could ruin Brawl's element of surprise, move on now! The rest of you are advised to click through for one of the juicier updates in a while...

The return of the cheap-as-hell fan favorite Falco in Brawl is hardly the greatest gaming surprise of the year. Accessible after players have fought 50 brawls, cleared the 100-Man Brawl, or recruited Falco in The Subspace Emissary, the names of his maneuvers in Brawl -- Blaster, Falco Phantasm, and Fire Bird -- will be comfortingly familiar to Melee veterans.

He's packing the odd new move, however, most noticeably a "spinning 100-slash attack," and a "smash attack" that "looks like it could take an ear off!!" We guess Sakurai needed to distinguish him from Fox somehow.

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