Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 2/11-2/17

Candace Savino
C. Savino|02.22.08

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Another Week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 2/11-2/17
The Wii extended its hardware lead over the PSP this week (which dropped to third), as Smash Bros. continued to dominate in software. Family Ski fell out of the top ten, but still shows some legs at spot sixteen.

Predictably, Nintendo's big games (i.e., games with "Wii" in their titles) are still doing well on the charts. Super Mario Galaxy, which has been in danger of falling out of the top thirty, managed to hang in tough despite the big load of new releases littering the chart.

The Wii also had the second best showing of games this week, with six in the top thirty (the DS was first with fifteen). With the exception of Namco Bandai's Family Ski, though, they were all first party titles.

The hardware and software numbers are listed for your perusal after the break.

  • Wii: 78,583
  • Nintendo DS: 62,362
  • PSP: 59,645
  • PlayStation 3: 17,637
  • PlayStation 2: 11,266
  • Xbox 360: 2,198
  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) --- 141,544 (1,213,000)
  2. Wii Fit (Wii) --- 62,769 (1,484,000)
  3. Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 2nd Season (DS) --- 56,202 (New)
  4. Poison Pink (PS2) --- 52,659 (New)
  5. Ebi Kore + Kimi Kiss (PS2) --- 33,510 (New)
  6. Wii Sports (Wii) --- 22,120 (2,781,000)
  7. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Ambition, the Axis' Threat (PSP) --- 21,643 (144,000)
  8. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) --- 21,086 (222,000)
  9. Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) --- 17,774 (255,000)
  10. Naruto: Shippuuden Dairansen! Kage Bunshin Emaki (DS) --- 17,329 (New)

  11. Digimon Championship (DS)
  12. Wii Play (Wii)
  13. L, the Prologue to Death Note: Rasen's Trap (DS)
  14. Mario Party DS (DS)
  15. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (PSP)
  16. Family Ski (Wii)
  17. Taiko Drum Master DS (DS)
  18. Mario Kart DS (DS)
  19. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
  20. Winning Eleven: Ubiquitous Evolution 2008 (PSP)
  21. Fist of the North Star: Warriors' Road (DS)
  22. Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (PS2)
  23. Disgaea 3 (PS3)
  24. Professor Layton 2 (DS)
  25. Assassin's Creed (PS3)
  26. Dragon Quest IV (DS)
  27. Final Fantasy IV (DS)
  28. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
  29. Animal Crossing Wild World (DS)
  30. Kanji Brain Test 2.5M (DS)
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