Today's most edible swag: Puchi Puchi Virus candies

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|02.23.08

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Today's most edible swag: Puchi Puchi Virus candies

If there's one thing we enjoy more than getting free stuff in the mail here at Joystiq, it's getting stuff that is both free and edible, which is why we were only too happy when a package showed up today from NIS America promoting the publisher's upcoming foray into the world of casual gaming with Jaleco's Puchi Puchi Virus.

We'll admit we had our misgivings about the change in direction, particularly given the company's traditionally niche role-playing and strategy roots, but if all of their side quests turn out as milk chocolate covered in a thin candy shell, we may well have to revise our stance altogether. Were we not thinking with our stomachs, the notion of consuming food based around a puzzle game with 'virus' in the title could be cause for concern. Also sealed in the box, aptly labeled 'Anti-Virus Kit,' is the game as well, so expect impressions soon -- assuming the candies themselves do not do us in.

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