CFast CompactFlash cards now said to be coming in "18 to 24 months"

We've already heard a little bit about the new and improved CFast CompactFlash card standard developed by the CompactFlash Association, but it looks like things are now starting to firm up, including word as to when the cards might actually be available. As CNET's Underexposed blog reports, a Lexar rep says he "predicts" that the cards should start showing up in "18 to 24 months," and that companies will "want to start working on prototype samples as soon as the specification is finalized." The big advantage to the cards, as we've mentioned, is their use of an SATA interface, which not only boosts the transfer rate to a speedy 375MB/sec but, of course, also makes them incompatible with current CompactFlash-based cameras. And you thought that 55-in-1 memory card reader was future proof.