Our fate is in the hands of ... Cluck Norris?

Candace Savino
C. Savino|02.26.08

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And yes, we mean Cluck and not Chuck. (An easy way to tell the difference between them is Cluck's sweet Fu Manchu moustache.)

Puchi Puchi Virus, which is set for a May release, is a quirky puzzle game that we were surprised to see localized. We've already deduced that it's one of the five games NIS was referring to earlier, but we didn't expect to see a video so quickly.

This "trailer" doesn't really show us what to expect from the game -- only that it's going to be ridiculous. Whether you find yourself looking forward to it or not probably depends on how much silly you like on your DS.

Fortunately, for many of us at DS Fanboy, that quota is hardly ever met.
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