Sony debuts A820, A720 and S710F series Walkman players in the States

Remember all that Walkman hotness that Sony hit Japan with last week? Well, as anyone might've guessed, it's headed Stateside soon for your earbud consumption. In addition to the new NWZ-A820 series flagship (pictured), Sony has the NWZ-A720 series, which cops the looks and specs, but loses the Bluetooth of the A820 players. Both players have roughly 10 hours of video battery life, and 36 hours for audio, with 2.4-inch QVGA screens and capacities ranging from 4GB to 16GB. Meanwhile, the new NWZ-S710F skimps on the sexy looks, and only sports a 1.8-inch QVGA screen, but adds built-in noise canceling. Codec support for all the players includes protected WMA, unprotected AAC, MP3 and H.264 video. The full model rundown is as follows, everything will be available in March:

  • NWZ-A828K - 8GB, black, Bluetooth, DR-BT21G Bluetooth wireless headphones, $270

  • NWZ-A829 - 16GB, black, Bluetooth, $320

  • NWZ-A726 - 4GB, black and pink, $150

  • NWZ-A728 - 8GB, black and pink, $200

  • NWZ-A729 - 16GB, black, $300

  • NWZ-S716F - 4GB, silver, red and black, $150

  • NWZ-S718F - 8GB, black, $200

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