Sony releases bunches of low-priced headphones for kids, athletes, your mom

We're not sure what has Sony in such a headphoney mood right now, but in addition to those higher-end noise canceling headphones and the flagship EX earbuds, Sony has budget-friendly cans in just about every flavor imaginable. Here's the breakdown:

For kids

  • MDR-222KD open-air headphones - Designed for kids eight and up, with a smaller size and limited volume, in black or cotton-candy pink. Available in April for $15.

For athletes

  • MDR-AS20J earbuds - Wrap around outer ear

  • MDR-AS40EX earbuds - "Convertible ear hanger" for swapping to traditional earbuds

  • MDR-AS100W headphones - Headband style

Plenty more after the break.

  • MDR-AS50G earbuds - Behind-the-neck style

  • MDR-AS30G open-air headphones - Behind-the-neck style. Priced from $20-$100

Everybody else (your mom)

  • MDR-E10LP "fashion earbuds" - Available in pink, red, pastel green, pastel blue, violet, gray, white and black. Out in March for about $10.

  • MDR-E828LP/SLV headphones - Acoustic twin turbo circuit for enhanced bass response, silent cap to prevent sound leakage, svailable in black and silver for $10.

  • MDR-E11LP earbuds - Larger 16mm driver, available in blue, orange, white and black for $13.

  • MDR-ED12LP earbuds - Same 16mm driver, added bass booster, red, blue, gold and silver for $15.

  • MDR-G45LP headphones - Flexible behind-the-neck band, in black for $15.

  • MDR-G55LP headphones - Flexible behind-the-neck band, interchangeable colored caps in pairs, black with red or white with gold for $25.

  • MDR-G75LW headphones - Behind-the-neck style, retractable cord and a collapsible neck band, in black for $50.