Apple COO says it's not married to iPhone exclusivity, still on track to sell 10m this year

Although we'd been hearing that Apple had slowed down iPhone production, the company is still on track to hit its goal of selling 10m units this year, according to COO Tim Cook. Cook, speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor's conference in Vegas, also said that "Apple is not married to the single, exclusive-carrier model," and that Apple is open to new ways of selling the iPhone. That's an interesting change in tone from the usual "we need carrier relationships to make things like Visual Voicemail work" lines we've heard, but it's not necessarily out of the blue -- we're tempted to say Apple's relatively hands-off approach to unlockers and jailbreakers is actually a direct result of that attitude. Of course, that doesn't mean anything's going to change in the States soon, since AT&T has that five-year exclusive deal, but it could mean interesting things are in store elsewhere.