HD DVD's last hurrah: Terminator 2: Ultimate HD-Edition due March 20

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HD DVD's last hurrah: Terminator 2: Ultimate HD-Edition due March 20
HD DVD fans have at least one more high profile release to look forward to, as German distributor Kinowelt is prepared to release Terminator 2: Ultimate HD-Edition (region free of course) March 20th. Produced by HDi (and Blu-ray) pioneers Imagion AG this release includes the directors cut of the film, with DTS-HD 7.1 audio and more than four hours of bonus material in a high quality SteelBook case. Expect this to be the triumphant example of HD DVD's advanced features and capabilities that American Gangster so sadly wasn't. Check out a list of features after the break or our hands-on from CES to learn more about the disc's interactive and online capabilities, and maybe a peek at the future of BD Live.

Special Features

  • Director's cut
  • Interactive features: picture- in-picture (storyboards and script can be viewed together with the movie)
  • Personal bookmarks and photo galleries
  • Quiz mode (more than 70 questions about the movie!)
  • Spy mode (all film mistakes in detail)
  • Inside T2 mode
  • Integrated dynamicHD online functionality (more features accessible online)
  • Making ofs
  • Two audio commentaries
  • Omitted scenes
  • Detailed background information
  • Trailers
  • Hidden features

  • Format: Dual Layer HD DVD
  • Region code: free
  • Duration:
  • Video: 2,35:1 1080/24p full HD
  • Audio: English, German (7.1 DTS HD, headphone-surround)
  • Subtitles: German, Turkish
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