Forum Post of the Day: PUG Player Archetypes

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|02.29.08

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Forum Post of the Day: PUG Player Archetypes

Once Patch 2.4 goes live, we will most likely be able to queue up for all of the major battlegrounds as premades. There will always be PUGs, since even the three battlegrounds that allow premade groups to play have them. Sideways of Korgath posted a thread on the official forums on the most annoying PUG player archetypes. The original list included:

  • The Aloof - This guy appears to be guarding a flag or, but the chickens at the farm in AB are actually doing a better job. It's hard to say whether he's AFK, chatting in vent, or just didn't get enough sleep last night, but a guy caps the flag behind him and he doesn't even notice. If he's in gulch and the enemy flag carrier runs by, he just keeps on doing whatever it is he's doing as if nothing happened.
  • The ADD - This type of player just can't live with less than continuous action. The concept of defending a flag is foreign and distasteful to him. Therefore if he is defending something and no enemies show up within 30 seconds, he moves on despite the fact that he is leaving the flag unguarded for a friendly neighborhood rogue to ninja.
  • The Instance Mob - This type of player makes you swear aggro generation applied to players. He simply cannot understand why he hasn't been able to kill anything despite the fact that he put forth his best damage attacks against the protection specced shield wearing warrior that had 2 priests, a paladin, and a druid healing him. Much like I expect Rend Blackhand or Nefarian would, he attributes his ineffectiveness to inferior gear.

Readers chimed in with a number of their other annoyances:

  • Mu of Burning Blade, "Captain Justice the Inescapable: If at any time you are below 50% hp, this is the paladin who will make a beeline straight for you and refuse to leave you alone until he can spam hammer of wrath on you for sick pally dps. He will ignore his teammates, the enemy flag carrier, even his own health bar - he will simply pursue you to the ends of the earth until one of you dies. Even if you get healed back to full. And if you do kill him then he will make a macro to target you every time he rezzes until he finally manages to stun you long enough for his team to zerg you down."
  • Kardona of Chromaggus, "The Wannabe Ninja- Normally a class that can stealth wanders into the most well defended node and proceeds to wait as close as he can to the flag until its left defenceless. Proceeds to challenge the flag and then asks for back up"
  • Plitoa of Silver Hand ""Picky Buff" - You jsut spent a reagent to buff a group of people. No one else in yoru class is raising a finger to buff your team. This guys (after you buff him with KINGS) will go to you and say "I want Wisdom" or "Wisdom plz". BEtter yet, these are the same guys who say, "Buff my pet with ____" or "Give me a SS!" You check them out and notice that they are not geared in any way to benefit from your buff."

I find the "hidden healer" to be particularly annoying. This is the player that hides in a tower or in some other obscure corner and spams healing spells on themselves. The hidden healer does nothing to help the team, but is often rated highest for healing in the battleground.

Who drives you crazy?

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