Microprose returns to show Commodore how to really tarnish a brand

As if seeing the Commodore logo slapped on a whole slew of thoroughly unremarkable devices wasn't enough to make folks of a certain age feel a little wistful for their early computing days, legendary game developer Microprose is now getting in on the action as well, and seemingly outdoing Commodore to boot. As the Classic Gaming website reports, Microprose, once known as the name behind Civilization, Railroad Tycoon and other classic games, is now set to release a bundle of new products that likely wouldn't garner a second glance if not for the brand. Those include the MPI-500 digital TV receiver and MPI-100 HDMI switch pictured above, as well as a series of REDLINE cabling products aimed at gamers, a battery pack/stand for the PSP, and the Microprose Arcade Professional PC joystick (pictured after the break), which at least brings a little old school flavor with it (including a trackball). No word on a price for any of 'em just, but at least the joystick will apparently be available in May.

[Via Classic Gaming, thanks Curt]