Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080HD tops Home Theater Mag's HDTV shoot-out

With price differences shrinking, all we want to know is which HDTV tech provides the best picture quality. Home Theater Mag has tried to throw personal bias out the window in its 2008 HDTV Technology Face Off, with a blind test of DLP, LCD and plasma sets, the only requirement being a price around $3,000 and size of 50-inches or so. If you're thinking a 1365x768 resolution Pioneer Kuro could best competition featuring 120Hz technology, 1080p resolution and all the other latest buzzwords in high definition -- you'd be right. Deep black levels made the difference, boosting the PDP-5080HD over the second place Panasonic TH-50PZ750. Those looking to purchase the winner might be in for a tough search, as rumors indicate retailers are out of stock (this goes for the PDP-4280HD as well) and not expecting new shipments anytime soon, pending new product announcements from Pioneer. Which HDTV deserves to hang on your wall? Hit the read link to get the details and let us know which one you like.