Springtime set to invade hearts of LotRO players

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|03.03.08

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It's been just about a year since Lord of the Rings Online launched. Even though there's a lot of interesting stuff happening at Connect08 later this month and a one-year anniversary coming as well, that doesn't mean LotRO players aren't getting a cool, love-filled spring festival. So worry not, players can expect some very interesting events to take their mind off the encroaching evil from the edge of the world. We've got the beef, so to speak, after the break.

Here's the rundown:

  • Love is in bloom! Head to Bree to help with affairs of the heart.
  • Get into the spirits! The Tavern League is back for another round with new shenanigans.
  • Send a note of affection to that special someone... or maybe even catch the attention of a secret admirer!
Who wouldn't want to take a break from killing evil things to, "help affairs of the heart" We certainly could not ignore such a dubious opportunity, especially since some of us here at Massively are mohawked-Dwarven Minstrels. It would just be out of character if we ignored lovers in peril, you know?
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