Tesla Motors says its Roadster is not a converted Lotus Elise

Tesla Motors sure has been doing a lot of explaining about its all-electric Tesla Roadster since it first announced it way back when, and it's now aiming to clear up what it says is another common misconception about the car: that it's a converted Lotus Elise. According to Tesla's Darryl Siry, the total number of shared parts between the cars is actually "under 7%," and that "if you were to try to convert an Elise to a Tesla and started throwing away parts that aren't carried over what you would basically be left with a windshield, dashboard (complete with airbags!), front wishbones and a removable soft top." He does admit, however, that the remaining pieces (particularly the dashboard and steering wheel) are so noticeable that they give drivers the impression of an Elise, as we've seen in some of the road tests of the vehicle. If you're still not convinced, you can find Siry's full, lengthy explanation at the read link below.