Canal Digital nixes dedicated HD package, moves channels to affordable Family tier

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.06.08

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We're not totally certain if this move is in response to Viasat's recent launch of HD offerings in Europe -- or the simple fact that few Europeans were likely taking advantage of it -- but whatever the case, Canal Digital is reportedly doing away with its pricey dedicated HD package. Thankfully, the seven channels within the plan -- SVT HD, TV4 HD, History Channel HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic HD, Voom HD and Silver HD -- aren't vanishing, as they're simply sliding over to the Family tier and becoming a lot more affordable in one fell swoop. Reportedly, Canal Digital has some 46,000 HD subscribers, but we can't see how that number won't increase now that acquiring these seven just became a whole lot cheaper.
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