Microsoft said to be ditching 20GB Xbox 360 for 60GB model

We'd already heard about a possible price cut to the Xbox 360, but it looks like that might not be all that Microsoft has in store, as TrustedReviews is now reporting that the 20GB hard drive in the standard Xbox 360 model is about to get the boot in favor of a more spacious 60GB one. That word apparently comes from a "rock solid source," who says that Microsoft wants to get it out the door by the end of its financial year, which comes at the end of June. TrustedReviews also goes into a bit of speculation, saying that Microsoft is "toying with the idea of introducing a new 360 SKU," and that a model with a built-in Blu-ray drive would seem to be "the most logical conclusion," although they say an external drive "makes sense too." While that possibility obviously remains up in the air, TrustedReviews is about as confident as can be with the 60GB Xbox 360 news, saying that you can take it to the bank.