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Another Xbox 360 price cut around the corner?

Another Xbox 360 price cut around the corner?
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|March 5, 2008 11:57 AM
From the sound of things Microsoft is busy hunkering down in anticipation of a strong PS3 resurgence, what with the victory of Blu-ray, introduction of DualShock3, and release of MGS4 -- and not just to accommodate Canada. Rumor has it that the Xbox will see another healthy price cut in Europe later this month (March 14th, to be "exact"), lopping off some €50 (~$75), which would put the Arcade in striking distance of the all-selling Wii, possibly making it cheaper in some regions. Nothing solid to go by just yet though, but if you were thinking of buying, be aware.

[Thanks, UnicomClay and Steve, via Joystiq]
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