Adventures on the TTR told in pictures

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|03.09.08

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Adventures on the TTR told in pictures

We've added a gallery of screenshots just in time for the worldwide Arena battle. The battle will take place tomorrow, Sunday March 9from noon until three PM Pacific time (GMT -8). The latest patch gives players full sets of merciless gladiator gear for each spec for their given class. This change should reduce some of the frustration in gearing up a character.

Each player is given 5000 gold. You must still purchase you gems, enchantments, and accessories. These are available for purchase from vendors as there are no trade skills on the TTR. If you want alternative armor and weapons, you will have to buy those from their respective vendors. It's still crowded, but it seems more manageable than earlier in the week.

The TTR is a fascinating place. As you can see in the gallery, the starting areas for each of the races are very densely populated with players, trainers, and vendors. The rest of the world is a ghost land. I couldn't help but take the opportunity to sit in Thrall's chair. In some areas the vendors and trainers have been placed on tall pedestals. The Battlemasters are mostly perched upon Netherwing Drakes.

There are some really awesome sites to see. Everyone is dressed to the nines in arena purples and most are mounted upon Swift Razzashi Raptors. Each populated area is skirted by forests of dueling flags. I love the anomolies, such as Ethereal Teleporters who send players around from place to place. All of the NPCs on the test realm appear to be goblins.

Remember if you're interested in the Arena battle tomorrow, be sure to gear up early. See you tomorrow!

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