Reading is fundamental (for playing Lone Wolf)

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|03.08.08

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Reading is fundamental (for playing Lone Wolf)

Though we couldn't manage to load the game employing our usual methods of homebrew wizardry, LoneWolfDS: Flight From The Dark looks to be a very polished and complete release. It's a port of the first book released for the Lone Wolf series, a collection of "gamebooks" that allow the reader to take control of the story through branching narrative options, character customization (e.g. skills, disciplines), and other RPG-inspired elements. Think of it as a more involved and satisfying Choose Your Own Adventure.

It's clear from the official site and screenshots that Project Aon put a lot of thought and time into Flight From the Dark's presentation, so you should definitely try it out if the visual novel experience we described above sounds like something you'd fancy. Peek past the post break for a four-minute video of the game's character creation process and story progression.

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[Via PAlib]
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