G15 Tanking

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G15 Tanking
Last week I covered playing with your mouse, and playing with your keyboard. In my keyboard post I mentioned that I would share with you all my Logitech G15 keyboard map. For those of you who don't have a G15, the keyboard is unique in that there are 18 programmable keys located on the left side of the keyboard. The keys looks like those pictured to the right.

Each of these 18 keys can be assigned three independent functions – based on selecting "M1", "M2", or "M3" at the top of the keyboard. This gives a whooping 54 possible key combinations and functions. I don't use all these though, only the first 18 for most everything, and then the second for some random addon and programming things. So without further ado, here's what my G15 keyboard map looks like:

The M1 configuration is what I use for tanking and most everything. It has some key but necessary functions to it, placed strategically throughout the keys. Starting off, no matter if I'm MT'ing or OT'ing something, I'm going to have to target another tank's target at some point. So five out of the six top buttons are devoted to targeting alone. The targets are setup corresponding to the targets as assigned via CTRA / ora2.

The "Z -> Intercept -> D" function flips my stance to Berserker Stance, triggers Intercept, and then switches me back to Defensive Stance. This is extremely useful when I have to zip around a large area, like when clearing trash in most raid instances, and pickup a sheeped mob before the ranged DPS can get to it.

The next row down has the three functions "Tank" "DPS" and "S. Dance". The "Tank" function just executes the outfitter command "/outfitter wear TankingStandard" which puts on my standard tanking gear (a solid mixture of Block Value, Mitigation, and Stamina). "DPS" does a similar function in that it puts on my duel wield DPS gear.

The "S. Dance" function executes a stance dance. This is a warrior move in which the tank switches quickly from Defensive Stance to Berserker Stance, pops Berserker Rage, and then switches back to Defensive Stance. The tank literally dances stances in order to become immune to fear, which is one of the things Berserker Rage does. The key placement for the stance dance shortcut is important as well. When tanking, you often times are spamming about four to six skills via the number keys and other keys located close to your left hand. The stance dance key is located in such a way that you can quickly move your left hand over and press the key, without looking at your keyboard, with either your index or middle finger. It takes a little bit of practice, but when you've got it down, you can stance dance just as fast as you can press any other important tanking key, like Shield Block.

The next row down is simple enough and flips around my stances between Battle, Bezerker, and Defensive. The row after that are quick keys to show and hide all the tells I've received, as well as my bags. I use WoW Instant Messenger to help me organize all the conversations I have, and often times people will send me a tell during raids I can't look at until a few moments later. The hide key is placed so that I just have to rotate my left hand about 45 degrees counter clockwise and extend my pinky finger. It works very well during the crunch times that is raids.

The final row of keys have simple volume control. There are boss fights and situations where the sound is a useful feedback for in game events, and other times when it's just plain annoying. These keys get a lot of use.

So there you have it, my G15 tanking keyboard map. What do you think of it? What are some tricks that you've done with your special keys of your G15 or similar keyboard?
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