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Kwikset's SmartKey gives lock bumpers a whole new challenge

No, we don't recommend testing out your lock bumping skills on any building which you don't own, but just in case you've fallen victim to a bumper in the past, Kwikset is out to put you back in charge of whatever's behind door number three. Available in handsets, deadbolts, knobs and levers, the SmartKey technology effectively eliminates the possibility of using a rigged key to exploit the lock, and better still, the included Learn Tool enables owners to re-key a lock in under half a minute if necessary. Reportedly, the side-locking bar deadbolt system features ANSI Grade 1 certification and has passed "the most stringent lock picking standard." 'Course, it's only a matter of time before the tinkerers of the world have even this all figured out, but hey, at least SmartKey puts you ever-so-slightly ahead of the curve, right?

[Via Apartment Therapy]