Asus EP20 desktop emerges from CeBIT confusion

This shiny little box seems to have slipped under just about everyone's radar during the CeBIT whirlwind earlier this month, but the folks at thankfully scored some pictures and details on their trip past Asus' booth, and they're suggesting that it could, in fact, be the desktop Eee PC that the company's been talking about. That claim is backed up by the fact that it comes with the Eee PC's Linux-based OS installed, although there's apparently no other firm details on the desktop (dubbed the EP20) just yet, only that it has "good enough performance" and boasts "docking for living & studying room." There also doesn't seem to be any official word on a price (matbe speculates €200, or just over $300), but it will supposedly be released sometime this summer.

[Via Eee Site]