Through Alex's eyes: Wednesday's TTR stress test

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|03.14.08

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Through Alex's eyes: Wednesday's TTR stress test
Wednesday's TTR stress test was far, far more calm than Sunday's test. Lower Blizzard activity and the population levels seemed vastly lower than before. The lag was minimal, maybe nonexistent. Definite improvement from Sunday, but that probably has something to do with the much lower population.

I have no fantastic tales of speaking to Nethaera or private photoshoots with GMs, but I actually got quite a few arena games in. The WoW Insider gang didn't have a 5th for 5v5s, so I decided to let Adam, Zach and Amanda M. have the Hordeside fun in the 3v3 bracket, and I'd make waves on the Alliance-side. Many lamented my departure when I logged off of my Tauren Warrior, but the Alliance needed love, too! Sorry guys!

I actually did rather well, sticking exclusively to 5v5 skirmish matches. I was playing a Holy Paladin, a much more familiar class(though not spec) than the Arms Warrior of Sunday. There were a lot of matches that ended up 4 against 5, both for me and against me. I have my doubts the server stability had anything to do with that, it was holding up very well, so I can only shake my fist in feeble rage at people that go AFK right after queueing! The queue was less than a minute long, too!

There was an absolutely huge reader turn out at the event Wednesday night. You guys are the best! I had a solid screen of pink text for most of the night. I can't help but think the lack of GM activity inspired you to search for other people to tellspam, but hey, who am I to complain? I loved every moment of it.

I specifically want to give mad shout-outs to Banano, Nips, Gogopewpew, Themager, Omgbehindyou, Cloze, Ineptitude, Stormi, Shinryuzz, Endlessnv, Eulogie, Platnex and Fyrae! Some of you may have horrible, horrible names, but you guys made my night nonetheless. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

The only GM I saw the whole night for more than a minute or two was Manhattan, the Season 2 Warlock with Thunderfury and a Bouquet of Red Roses. Oh, and no gems in her gear or talent points spent. She(he?) wasn't doing a whole lot of sparkly things like the GMs Sunday night and seemed to be actually playing in the arenas. Gasp! Skirmish matches as far as I could tell, and she claims to have won at least a few. Either she's a dirty cheat, or nerf Thunderfury-wielding Warlocks who forget to spend talent points. Or buy gems from the vendor.

Kaydeethree of WoW Wiki fame was out and about as well, and apparently got a hook up with Blizz! He was strutting around as a swashbuckling Gnome with a Perpetual Purple Firework equipped. Over on the PTR, my paladin just happens to be in the same guild he is, but I've never actually seen his character(s) or spoken to him. Rather amusing that my first glimpse was 100% by chance on the TTR!

Drysc eventually showed up in good ol' Dun Morogh to put on the light show, but even he was far more tame than what we witnessed on Sunday. He ran around as a tree, barfing on people. Yes, barfing. Eventually he summoned Doomwalker, then flew around as Illidan. Yawn. Kidding, kidding! He was out there having fun with everyone, and I give him props for that, even if it wasn't as chaotically fun as Sunday.
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