Sony Ericsson K850 poster for AT&T spotted in the wild

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.16.08

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Sony Ericsson K850 poster for AT&T spotted in the wild

Okay, first, a word of caution: we've heard some conflicting reports that the K850 may have been canceled from AT&T's roadmap because it missed its "launch window." That being said, this poster -- spotted in an actual retail location, not deep in an AT&T workshop somewhere -- sure makes us believe it's still very much in the works. Come on, guys, you're not going to let Rogers show you up, are you?

Also, what's this business about "video phone" and "video calls"? Sounds an awful lot like honest-to-goodness two-way video instead of that whole Video Share thing, doesn't it?

[Thanks, brainsonthemonitor]

Several sources at AT&T stores have told us that they've been commanded by corporate to toss their K850 promotional materials in the trash. Doesn't sound like a good sign, and if the device is indeed canceled, we think it's a tragedy both for AT&T and for Sony Ericsson's North American presence.
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