Caption contest: the Kindle cake

Sure, it might not be as filling as the Skoda cakemobile, or as family oriented as Martha Stewart's Wii cake, but do those contain the thrilling tale of The Light Beam Rider? Yeah, we thought not.

Paul: "Unfortunately the screen refresh times of '30-35 minutes at 350 degrees' is just plain unacceptable."
Chris: "Moments later, a naked Jeff Bezos burst out, ready to greet everyone at the shareholders' meeting."
Richard: "Philippe Starck calls the Kindle 'a little delicious.' "
Sean: "No friends, that's not the iCing phone, tis the Kindle Cake and it serves 12."
Don: "You can never be too careful buying gadgets on eBay."
Josh: "The Light-Beam Rider was surprisingly short."
Ross: "The book is a lie."

[Via The Raw Feed]