ABC Island anniversary tonight!

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|03.18.08

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ABC Island anniversary tonight!

That's the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and not that other ABC in the United States of America. Partner and counterpart to the United Kingdom's BBC, "Aunty" ABC occupies a special place in the hearts of Australians. Oh, she gets some teasing sometimes -- but she's been with us since 1929 with Radio, Television, and the Web and has always excelled at embracing new media and finding ways to integrate old and new media together in new and compelling ways.

As public broadcasters go, the ABC sports an impressive catalogue of high-quality educational programs, news, music and entertainment, and isn't shy about finding new ways to deliver them, with an increasing amount of content available on the Web or via Second Life.

ABC's Island presence in Second Life has seen a highly successful first year, and tonight is the celebration of that first year. Starting at 11:30PM 1:30AM SLT (or 7:30PM AEDT for the Australians in the audience) the festivities run until 'whenever' (at least until 9:30PM AEDT). Best to arrive as early as you can, as events and parties at ABC Island tend to be packed full!

Many thanks to The Metaverse Journal's Lowell Cremorne for reminding us of this special event!

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