Guitar Grip gives DS owners the means to rock out

Updated ·1 min read

Good news, DS owners! You too will soon be able to shred just like those kids with stay-at-home consoles -- sort of, at least. According to a first look over at Video Games Zone, the summer-bound Guitar Hero on Tour title can be really enjoyed with the aptly-named Guitar Grip. As you can see above, it is limited to just four buttons, but nevertheless, it allows users to hold the DS upright and tap the buttons of the peripheral -- which is suitably fitted into the GBA slot -- and strum the touchscreen to take care of the pickin'. Sure, it's a far cry from wielding a full-fledged axe, but it's not too shabby for shredding on the run. Check out a smorgasbord of pictures and a promo video in the read link below.

[Via NeoGAF]