Reader WoWspace of the Week: Aryc Ogre

Welcome once again to Reader WoWspace of the Week! Now I know a lot of people like 'em messy, but as some have noted, we just don't get too many messy ones. It seems like we generally only get them when they're clean. (Of course, you have to wonder if we couldn't market WoWspace participation as an effective office organization tool!) This one comes to us from Aryc Ogre, who didn't send in his character name, server or anything, but his case makes us wonder if he isn't the prot Paladin from this recent Penny Arcade comic. For his story and lots more pictures, be sure to join me after the break!

[These] are a few pics of my desk setup. I know you like them candid, but I try to keep my desk pretty clean. Plus, I had just gotten done installing some new cables inside the computer and that was a perfect time to remove some clutter.

There are some notes for the itemized image below. (Click the picture above for the numbered photo)

  1. Warcraft Library - Bradygames guides (sometimes handy if you haven't been in Uldaman for a while and get lost), Atlas, 'Art of' books, folder for common recipe items.

  2. Saitek Eclipse II keyboard. (Nothing fancy, no macro keys or anything. Just a good solid keyboard).

  3. Logitech G7 Laser Wireless mouse on Thermaltake multi-color LED gamepad.

  4. Viewsonic 22inch widescreen with iPod dock.

  5. iPod (Good for playing music during long hours of mining)

  6. Portable 80GB drive for when the flash drive simply won't cut it.

  7. World of Warcraft Dwarf Warrior figure. (The Warlock and Illidan are on top of the PC).

  8. Sonic Screwdriver! (Doctor Who!)

  9. Belly Clock Buddha. (Because everyone needs a Buddha with a clock in his belly).

  10. Alien invasion. (Better seen in another photo).

  11. Stargate Atlantis lamp.

Aryc also sent in three more images, so enjoy some extras! And remember, if you'd like to show off your WoWspace to the rest of the world, send in some pictures to and tell me all about your WoWspace!