The Daily Grind: Devs behaving badly

Brenda Holloway
B. Holloway|03.23.08

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The Daily Grind: Devs behaving badly
Last week, EQ2Flames admin "LFG" told us about the SOE Community Influencer program and how he came to be released from it. It was a story of broken promises, SOE developer involvement in player guilds, a disenfranchised player community and heated emotions...

Feeling he had nothing to lose, "LFG" mined the developer's private messages, and found some more juicy tidbits. The developer, Aeralik, had taken a bug report that told of an exploit that trivialized the killing of one of end-game raid dungeon Veeshan's Peak gateway dragons, and passed that to his player guild leader. He added that he would "look away" while his guild exploited the encounter so that they could finish their epic weapon quests.

How much influence should game developers have in the guilds in which they play? When does a developer cross the line in feeding a guild strategies? If an encounter is too tough to complete, is it acceptable to exploit if a dev gives permission? Discuss!
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