PS3 2.20 update to offer portable copy of Blu-ray films to PSP?

If PCWorld is correct, then it looks like Sony's pending, PS3 2.20 firmware will have at least one little surprise for movie buffs. As if the inclusion of Blu-ray's BD-Live interactivity and the removal of the 2GB DivX and WMV file-size cap wasn't enough, PCWorld says that you can also expect the introduction of portable copy. With it, users will be able to copy a PSP formatted (and DRM'd) version of the film directly to their PSP -- no UMD required. Right, just like we saw demonstrated live back at CES in January.

Update: There's a rumor that Sony's portable copy would transcode any Blu-ray film into a PSP version. That's not how we understand it. The firmware update would just allow the PS3 to "see" the portable copy already burned into some Blu-ray discs and then make it available for transfer to your PSP. Think Digital Copy for Sony's gear, not Apple's.

Update 2: Sony just pinged us to say that Portable Copy won't be coming with the 2.20 release -- bummer. We'll be waiting, guys.