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Brothers in ads: Gearbox signs in-game ad deal with Double Fusion

Ross Miller
Ross Miller|March 25, 2008 9:00 PM
Gearbox Software (Brothers in Arms series) has announced that it has inked a deal with Double Fusion to have them provide in-game advertising for upcoming titles (via Develop). Double Fusion has previously signed with Eidos, Midway and Take Two, among others.

No details on what future Gearbox titles will use in-game ads. Sometimes we wish the in-game ad deals were as outlandish as our Photoshop jobs. Imagine if Borderlands was renamed Burgerlands and featured a dozen Burger King soldiers playing "Capture the Whopper" with futuristic guns and war machines. Or Aliens: Colonies could let you take heartburn medicine to ward off chest-bursters.