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Interview with WAR's James Nichols

Brenda Holloway
Brenda Holloway|March 25, 2008 9:30 AM
Genda over at The Grouchy Gamer recently interviewed James Nichols, EA/Mythic's community coordinator for Warhammer Online. James talks about leaving Sigil Games for EA/Mythic, how their focused beta testing is coming along, and what it is like to work at EA/Mythic. Electronic Arts, you'll recall, has had trouble in the past with having people work unreasonable hours for long periods of time.

Warhammer Online is in a unique position for upcoming MMOs. It's the only one that feels it has a real chance of pulling in World of Warcraft-like numbers, based on the 500,000 beta application numbers. James Nichols feels he has a tiger by its tail, and he won't know how big and mean it is until he lets go. We're all eagerly waiting for the curtain to lift so we can see the world of WAR for ourselves, but until then, we appreciate these glimpses into EA/Mythic's Waaaaaagh!-shrouded corridors.