Kate Paiz interviewed for DDO's second anniversary

William Dobson
W. Dobson|03.25.08

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Kate Paiz interviewed for DDO's second anniversary
To mark the second anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online, RPG Vault interviewed the game's senior producer, Kate Paiz. The interviewer asked Paiz to give a basic explanation of the game, and to comment on the state of the game at launch compared to where it's at now, on its second birthday -- RPG Vault described the overall feel of the reviews that DDO received at launch as "good but not oustanding". Paiz said that she did feel that the launch reviews were fair, but that much has been improved now, especially the significant additions of PvP and solo gameplay.

Paiz is also asked to look forward, to tell us what is coming in the future, and to say what makes DDO a game that people should try if they haven't before. She brought up Module 7, which includes the Monk class as well as some new low and high level content, looking after both veterans and newbies. At the end of the interview, she asked to hear from the players of the game about what they'd like to see added, with particular interest in any guild features that people have ideas for -- she mentions the importance of guilds in bringing new players to the game, and wants to make sure that things are kept interesting for these groups.
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