Breakfast Topic: AV Fixed?

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|03.27.08

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Amanda Dean
March 27th, 2008
Breakfast Topic: AV Fixed?

Alterac Valley has long been a battlefield for contention, not just between Drek'Thar and Vanndar Stormpike. There have always been complaints that the battleground has favored one side or another. Blizzard has modified the battleground several times to balance it out, and thus far they have been unsuccessful.

The following changes were made to Alterac Valley :

  • Captain Balinda Stonehearth Stonehearth can no longer be interrupted, silenced, or have her spells slowed. In addition, her water elemental cannot be banished, and does increased damage.
  • Vanndar Stormpike and Captain Balinda Stonehearth have had their health totals reduced to match the health totals of Drek'Thar and Captain Galvangar.
  • Warmasters/marshals in Alterac Valley now increase each other's maximum health and damage by 25%. This is a stacking effect.
  • Horde players will now start the battle closer to Drek'Thar and Frostwolf Keep.
  • There is now a Join as Party option.

Dimitrios of Duskwood believes that the changes for patch 2.4 have made the battleground much less one-sided, and has brought the fun back to the game. The forum thread has varying degrees of agreement. Arual of Azgalor appreciated the changes as she felt it brought PvP back into the game, rather than a rush to the generals.

Some posters pointed out weaknesses at the Stormpike Bridge and holes in the wall near the Frostwolf base as proof that AV continues to favor the Alliance side. The generals and captains have been balanced, but the obstacles in the battleground still appears to some to be unbalanced.

What's your take on the newest incarnation of AV?

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