Etrian Odyssey II coming to NA in June

Candace Savino
C. Savino|03.28.08

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Etrian Odyssey II coming to NA in June
Atlus, we knew you wouldn't let us down!

Those of you who have been clamoring to play Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard because you either enjoyed the first game or wanted to play it and couldn't find it, have no fear! Atlus announced today that the game will, in fact, be localized.

Heroes of Lagaard will hitting American shores in June, adding to the DS's awesome Q2 schedule. There's still no announcement for Europe, but getting the game in English is half the battle, right?

If you just can't wait three months for this title, you can dabble around in Atlus' official (English) site. Of course, if you're an impatient wench like this blogger, seeing all the pretties might just make you want it more. A Catch-22, indeed. The site also promises to update every Monday, so if you have an interest in the game, you can check back every week to get your Etrian fix.


[Via press release]
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