Lineage II expansion announced: "Hellbound"

William Dobson
W. Dobson|03.27.08

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Lineage II expansion announced: "Hellbound"

Our friends at NCsoft have informed us that the next Lineage II expansion, titled Hellbound, is on the way. This will be the final chapter of the First Throne, and will continue on from the last expansion The Kamael which was released a few months ago. Headlining the features for Hellbound is a raise of the level cap to 85, as well as new high-end content culminating in a raid boss, Beleth (pictured).

%Gallery-19265%Apart from the above, a few features that players have requested will be included with this update, such as high end skills and skill enchantments, and legendary transformations. A new enhanced pet system will be introduced as well, with players able to train and raise a rideable wolf, or evolve some of the pets that they may already have.

We've also learned that there is a 4th Anniversary Edition retail box of Lineage II coming soon that will include every expansion the game has seen so far, including the upcoming Hellbound. Expect a teaser site for the new expansion to be available shortly, and in the meantime, we've been provided with a few pictures to share with you, so take a peek at the gallery.
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