Square Enix confirms awesome trio for Europe [update 2]

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|03.27.08

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Square Enix confirms awesome trio for Europe [update 2]
Update 2: And now any mention of the paddle peripheral has disappeared again from our press release! We're confused as can be at the moment, but we're contacting Square Enix for clarification ... now. Stay tuned!

: Silly us, we totally overlooked some critical parts of the press release. It mentions an "optional paddle controller" for Arkanoid DS, which causes us to think the game could release in a bundle including the peripheral. We've also included the full press release past the post break.

Oh, happy days!

Square Enix just confirmed a tremendous triumvirate of releases for Europe, with Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift all due in the region this summer.

Fantastic news, but there are two questions we urgently need answering. One: will the two Taito titles enjoy the same budget price that looks likely for the U.S. release? And two: will we be getting the wonderful paddle controller for said games? We can't think of any reason why we shouldn't receive such a peripheral, but the lack of an announcement is concerning.

[Via press release]

Square Enix has today announced that ARKANOID DS and SPACE INVADERS EXTREME for DS will be available across Europe in Summer 2008. 30 years after the original SPACE INVADERS ignited an entire entertainment medium and founded a gaming generation; players can now prepare to play the most extreme embodiment of the game ever created.

SPACE INVADERS EXTREME combines the captivating essence of the original game with an alliance of futuristic graphic design and cutting-edge audio. The gameplay experience has been developed to maximise on the consoles' abilities offering players a whole new range of amazing features including a vast array of new power-ups, DS Wireless Communications and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

ARKANOID DS updates the classic block-busting gameplay of the 1986 original, with the Vaus vessel, balls and bricks all still intact. Different modes of play provide unique challenges including Clear with 140 levels to complete and Quest mode that sets different rules for clearing each round. Points won in the game can be used to customise the game further, with new backgrounds, blocks and sound effects waiting to be unlocked.

"Both ARKANOID and SPACE INVADERS transcend different generations and gaming abilities, they are as loved for the gameplay experience as they are for their iconic status. With the launch of SPACE INVADERS EXTREME and ARKANOID DS we can offer existing fans the chance to enjoy the next level of gameplay, while offering a new audience the chance to experience these classics in a contemporary way."
- John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd.

  • Futuristic, techno-inspired graphic design takes SPACE INVADERS to new heights
  • Interactive, totally immersive sound scheme where sound effects are synchronised to match the beats of the music
  • Wide range of amazing new power-ups
  • Play a friend with Nintendo DS Wireless Play
  • Challenge other players with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • High-Score table supported by Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Share the multiplayer fun from a single cart with DS Download Play

ARKANOID DS features:
  • Over 140 levels to complete in Clear Mode, Quest mode adds extra challenge with different rules for each level
  • Customise your game by exchanging points earned for new design features such as new backgrounds, Vaus vessels, blocks and sound effects
  • Power-up items carefully selected from the ARKANOID series plus exciting new Power-up items: Barriers, Warp and Vanish
  • Compete against friends with 2 and 4-player DS Wireless Communications
  • Share the multiplayer fun from a single cart with DS Download Play
  • High-Score table supported by Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Optional Paddle Controller gives analogue control just like the coin-op
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