Won't somebody please think of the children?

Chris Chester
C. Chester|03.27.08

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Won't somebody please think of the children?
Last year, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown commissioned the Department of Children, Schools, and Families to write a report on, among other things, the potentially harmful effects of the internet and video games on children and young people. Many harbored fears, based on past precedent, that this report wouldn't cast the game industry in a particularly flattering light. Despite these fears, the study, called the Byron Report, is not quite as damning as we might have thought.

In particular, the chapter on online games identifies the fact that the discussion about online games and children should be moving away from seeking to find causal links between games and harm in favor of finding ways to empower children to make smart choices when it comes to games. At the same time, they recognize that its in their nature for children to push boundaries, and parents have to be willing to overcome their lack of awareness (with the help of retailers and the game industry in general) in order to police their children's online behavior.

While we don't agree with all the recommendations of the report, which include some more Big Brother aspects like regulating content on the internet, we think that online games at least got a pass.

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