Can 3D cinemas really take off?

Every so often, a technology manages to get everyone on board at just the right time in order to make a surge. Recently, that technology has been 3D cinema. After titles like Hannah Montana and U2 3D hit the scenes, the buzz swept over ShoWest in Las Vegas and has continued on with announcements that all future DreamWorks Animations productions would be made in 3D and even the NBA dipping its toes into the third-dimension during the regular season. Still, word on the street has the price of bringing a Dolby 3D Digital Cinema experience to theaters between $20,000 and $30,000, and of course, you have to convince viewers to wear those somewhat uncomfortable glasses and probably pay a premium just to sit down. Quite honestly, we still don't see 3D becoming a dominant force in tried and true theaters for years; as amazing as the technology can be when executed perfectly, there's still quite a few detractions holding it down. What say you? Can you imagine a 3D theater or two popping up in your local Cineplex? Would you even go if it happened?

[Via AboutProjectors, image courtesy of LA Times]