Cuba lifts restrictions on cellphone use

It's only just ended its ban on DVD player and computer sales, but Cuba's apparently not stopping it's technological catch-up there, with President Raul Castro now announcing that the country's also lifting its restrictions on cellphone use. As the AFP reports, there have of course been cellphones in the country for some time, but they have mainly been reserved for foreigners, government staff, or those who were able to obtain them through third parties. Under the new regulations, however, Cubans will be able to get cellphone service from state telecom ETECSA, but only in the form of prepaid contracts that must be paid for in foreign currency. Reuters also adds that Cubans will be able to both make and receive international calls under the new service. Any other details are apparently pretty light at the moment, but ETECSA says it'll be providing information on how Cubans can switch over their existing service or sign up for a new contract in the next few days.

[Via Yahoo/AFP]