Etrian Odyssey II details and videos

Candace Savino
C. Savino|03.28.08

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Etrian Odyssey II details and videos

Still reeling from the news of a localized Etrian Odyssey II? Well, so are we -- June 17th can't come fast enough. That's why we've brought you some more goodies and details from one of our favorite (albeit punishing) dungeon-crawling RPGs.

If you've never played the original and don't know much about the series, the video above may baffle you a bit. Essentially, in the Etrian Odyssey-verse, not only do you have to battle monsters like in most turn-based RPGs, but you also have to navigate and map out the labryrinth-like dungeons.

The sequel will include twelve different classes, each of which are customizable in numerous areas (name, sex, skills, spells, etc). This game will also own your soul should you choose to play it, as Heroes of Lagaard will have over 100 side-quests. Furthermore, Atlus promises an improved mapmaking tool, which will add some new features. Sounds good to us!

We've included another video after the break for your viewing pleasure. It's only a short sampling of buying items, but we'll take any small morsels we can get at this point.

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