Indy Racing League to stuff HD cameras inside select cars

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.28.08

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Though we already knew the entire 2008 IndyCar Series would be broadcast in high-definition, many may have glossed over one crucial (to us, anyway) element: a minimum of six cars in each race "will be carrying onboard HD cameras with 360-degree panning capabilities." Of course, NASCAR fans know all too well the joys of seeing things from within the frame, but this marks the first time professional racing has used cameras of the HD variety to entertain. Reportedly, the devices will be "lipstick-sized and mounted in a protective shell atop the car's air intake, and panning [will be] controlled by technicians operating joysticks." Of note, drivers who carry the cams will vary from race to race, but we do know that Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick (surprised?) and Dan Wheldon will be among those chosen for the opener.

[Image courtesy of G4TV, thanks Geoff]
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