The Hauppauge HD PVR with component inputs gets delayed


March is almost over and we've just learned from our friend Brent Evans, that the most exciting HD product expected this year is delayed until May or June. What's so exciting about an HD PVR card for a computer? Well, with this USB device you can record anything you want, from wherever you want, using whatever PVR software you want. No longer will you have to wait for DirecTV's HDPC-20, or deal with ATI's CableCARD OEM requirements. You'll be able to slap this USB device into just about any computer and roll your own PVR, just like you could before HD came along and ruined everything. In fact, the only bad thing about this device -- besides the wait and the $250 price tag -- is that it captures the uncompressed HD signal and encodes it in real time with H.264, which opens up an opportunity for a degraded signal. Speaking of H.264, because it's required Vista Media Center isn't supported yet. Many have their hopes up that the Fiji release, that's also due this Summer, will include it.

[Via ZatzNotFunny]