Crackwhip, your source for MUD-style D&D gameplay

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|03.31.08

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Crackwhip, your source for MUD-style D&D gameplay
One of the greatest things about the Web is that there's no such thing as obsolescence. Anything you have ever loved is out there, somewhere, waiting for you to find it and love it again. Such is the case with old-school MUDs, where virtually everything, from gameplay to character creation, is text-based. Well, the creators of Crackwhip have been missing those days, so they've brought the glory back with their browser-based text adventure.

Alongside the text you'll find simple graphics that represent objects, areas, and characters from the game. Additionally, these guys understand addiction -- from the press release: 'Want to play CrackWhip at work? No problem; at the top there are check boxes, uncheck these to turn graphics off, this way your computer screen will not reveal graphics as you quest for glory and coinage at your place of work.' Ironically, of course, those of us with jobs that are somewhat graphics-rich will be firing off a huge flare when our supervisors see a text-only screen.

Regardless, if you've been pining for the days of yore and want to return to a time when imagination was the killer app, check out Crackwhip.
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