3D VisWall makes scientists drool, your flat-panel weep

Rest assured, we've witnessed quite a few astounding scientific displays set deep within university research labs, but it'd be mighty hard to cover up the $350,000 monolith residing at the Tufts University School of Engineering. The VisWall, unsurprisingly a product of Visbox, combines twin backscreen projectors and sophisticated software in order to display 3D imagery for DNA junkies and budding surgeons to swoon over. Aside from giving researchers and students alike the ability to investigate chemical structures and cellular makeups more closely, the 8- x 14-foot screen also dabbles in haptics, giving remote holders the ability to "guide the manipulation of virtual scalpels or surgical tweezers onscreen." Sheesh, it's like giving kids a reason to attend class -- imagine that.

[Via CNET]