April Fools' in Dungeon Runners

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Eli Shayotovich
April 1st, 2008
April Fools' in Dungeon Runners

The gang running Dungeon Runners may have been down in the dungeons a bit too long. Weeks go by without much news (except for account issues) and BAM... we get four new "announcements" all in one morning. Lets muddle through them, shall we?

First off is the "announcement" about the new DR expansion pack called Pony Adventure, which "picks up where the original Dungeon Runners left off." It will add an abundance of new quests, dungeons, items and characters. According to Mark Tucker Lead Nutjob, er... Designer for DR: "We've always had a very strong passion for Ponies." Ooooooooook. Dungeon Runners: Pony Adventure will be available for free at some point in the future. Until then check out the preview cover for this disturbing expansion.

In a somewhat related "news item"... players (both members and non-members alike) running around the dungeons can - at this very moment - grab themselves a new pet for their in-game characters. Paancho may be small, but he's a feisty little thing. Act quickly though! You must claim him before the US government does... on April 15 no less.

But there's more "news" from down under...

NCsoft "announced" that DR will be the first MMO to get a port job... for the Atari Jaguar. And you thought the Jaguar ("64-bits of pure processing power") was put out to pasture. According to Mark Tinker, Lead Designer for DR: "Going to the Jaguar is such a revolutionary step." Stephen Nichols (DR's producer) went a step further and said "This will mark a new era for NCsoft and console gamers worldwide." Uh huh. Dungeon Runners - Jaguar Edition will be in stores "real soon."

And lastly NCsoft is introducing the NCLottery. This micro-payment transaction system will allow player to use NCcoins in Dungeon Runners. We know NCcoins exist (and are in use with Exteel), but... Apparently players can go to any vendor in Townston and purchase lottery tickets. Obviously the more you buy the better your chances are at winning ten meeeeeeeeeeeellion NCcoin. Ya. Pretty sure we here Dr. Evil in the background somewhere.
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