Best Buy Canada offers 'free' 360 HD DVD players

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|04.01.08

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Best Buy Canada offers 'free' 360 HD DVD players
There's an "interesting" deal up north for our Canadian friends who are still (for reasons we don't understand) interested in owning an Xbox 360 HD DVD player. From now through May 2nd, Best Buy Canada is being generous by offering a free $50 gift card to anyone who brings in a receipt proving that they have purchased a HD DVD player after January 1, 2007. And wouldn't you know some Best Buy's in Canada still have a few Xbox 360 HD DVD players laying around for $50. You see what we're saying? The "free" offer? That's right, you can grab a new 360 HD DVD player for $50 AND get a $50 gift card in the process, thus making your purchase technically free. Yes, your mileage will vary as our tipster xenocidic had to try two locations to get Best Buy to pony up a gift card, but it's worth a try if you're feeling some nostalgic HD DVD love.

[Via xenocidic]
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