Comic Con '08 brings first glimpse of Gears of War 2

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|04.01.08

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Comic Con '08 brings first glimpse of Gears of War 2
Thanks to a nifty and well versed press release, today we learn that this year's Comic Con (which will go down April 18th through the 20th) will get an additional injection of video game content with Gears of War 2 taking center stage.

Scheduled to take the floor at this month's New York Comic Con, Epic's Michael Capps and GoW2 script writer Joshua Ortega will talk about Gears' origin, its success and give attendees a "glimpse into this year's upcoming Gears of War 2". Whether or not that means actual in-game GoW2 footage or just talking bits, we aren't sure. But our fingers are crossed in hopes that we get a GoW2 video tease come April 18th. We're sure Capps won't let us down.
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